The day life stood still

May 1, 2014


Day 01 aka the big day
6:30 I was dreaming of eating muffins and croissants with hot coffee or chocolate but instead I got a lovely anima.
I hear εno babies at least not so loud. Snoring is the new music to my ears. And I thought only my mother could sound so fine.
Trying to sleep Again but I don't see it happening any time soon.
8:30 waking up and waiting for hubby to come. In an hour I will be in the operating table. I m scared.
9:30 there is a wheelchair at the door. It's for me. Hop on and off to disneyland .kiss from hubby.
10:30 still inside the waiting room. I hate needles. My feet are sweaty. Now my hands too .
It s time. I m naked. They say stay still. The needle enters my spine and electricity goes through my feet.
Waist down no contact.
11:00 the doctors are here. I hear them but I can't see them , there is a green sheet between us. So it begins. They pull me from every side I can possibly imagine. Where is she? It seems as if they can't get her out.
In a second she will be out says the nurse above my head.
11:09 she is out and a heavy burden is lifted off my body. She cries. She weights 3800k and the comments made by the doctors inside the room are plenty. She is so big she is walking to school right now.
They wrap her up and finally I see her. She is so beautiful. I kiss her cheek and they take her away.
Now the torture begins. I feel them pulling and pushing inside my stomach. My organs are stuck together, and the pain is unbearable at least for me. I pray it stops soon.
And it does.
They take me out to see my hubby.
Not only you were there but my girl was there too. And my mama waving from the screen of a cellphone. Wow.
I start to move my legs.
Lilly_ann is in the next room.
2:00 she is in my arms again breast feeding this time. She already knows how.
3:00 everything seems fine. I feel no pain. But Lilly Ann's glucose level is low. She has to drink extra milk from a bottle. Mine is not enough for the time being.
By midnight I was exhausted, I hadnt slept for 22 hours. And the pain is here one more time. Let's just say it wasn't an easy night.
Day 02
The baby is really quiet. Thank god.
I have to get out of bed and walk. So i try, and I end up fainting on the chair. No big deal.
My hubby leaves and my mom stays instead.
I try to walk again and I manage to get to the bathroom. And yes I finally have a bath. Success .
That was the last day my mom came to the hospital. Katheryn got really Sick. And then my mom got really sick too. That meant no contact with me and the baby for at least ten days.
So uncle Chris came to the rescue. Thank u for being there for us both. U did a pretty good job. Love u.
On saturday we went home. This is how I have dreamt it would be like the first time. Everything was so peaceful.
And it still is but I have missed my baby girl like crazy.
Can't wait to see her again and meet her to her little sister .
These two weeks have been quite difficult stressful emotional and really painful.
All the pain is magically forgotten when u hold your baby girl in your arms. It was all worth it




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